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Leave a legacy 


 You can honor a YPAS/Manual student or alumni; pay tribute to a special teacher, staff member, or administrator; memorialize a friend, or leave a message of encouragement. When you Name Your Seat, an engraved nameplate will be placed on an audience seat. The Name Your Seat Campaign is a great opportunity to get involved with YPAS and leave a lasting legacy in the Polly St. Clair Main Stage Theater.


What will be on my nameplate? 

Each personalized nameplate will have space for 3 lines, up to 25 characters on each line. (spaces are counted as a character)  You may choose to place your own name (Charles Fay), family name (The Jackson Family), honor (In Honor of) or remember (In Memory of) someone, or you may give your chair as a gift (A Gift from). 


Where will the nameplate be placed? 

Your nameplate will be placed on the armrest of the chair. 


How long will my nameplate remain on the chair?

Your nameplate will remain on the arm of the chair throughout the lifetime of the chair. 


May I choose the seat I sponsor? 

Placement of the nameplate will be randomly assigned to a seat and you will be notified where it is. If you buy more than one seat they will be grouped together. 


Will the seat I sponsor become my seat for actual performances? 

No. This campaign is a naming opportunity, and does not include tickets or seat assignments for events.


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